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Character App - Edward Anderson

Blank Form

Player Information
Online pseudonym: Jer
RP history: I began roleplaying in 1994. I have spent most of my time on various MUSHs and MUCKs, which would take far too much time and space to name. I also roleplayed at the Network and Tuscert, both of which I am still a part of.
Time zone: CST
Best times to reach you: In the evening, generally after 8 PM.
E-mail: jer.d.west@gmail.com
Messenger handles:
- AIM:
- MSN: lizzie.forrest@live.com
- Y!IM:
- Other (Please include service.):

Character Information
Full name: Edward Anderson

Name preferred: Edward

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Birthdate: November 13

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA

Race: Caucasian

Physical appearance: Just skirting under six feet in height, Edward is a fairly handsome man with his eyes constantly on the skies. His hair is a cool, platinum blonde and his eyes are a rich aquamarine in color.

His method of dress varies, but since arriving in Tin City, Edward has shed the constrictive vestings of the gentleman for his research. He now wears a simple white dress shirt and trousers of various shades, allowing him the chance to relax and focus on his work rather than how he appears to society at large. He still dresses formally when traveling for scientific forums or to present his findings and will typically wear a sack coat and vest to go along with his shirt and trousers. He fancies earthy or cool colors to anything excessively dark, which varies from cream or beige to gray.

Personality: Raised with a great appreciation for the world around him, Edward is a very alert and curious individual. He questions everything that piques his interest and delights into delving further to find out more information. Quite open minded, Edward is not fond of the closed thought approach that some of his colleagues take and makes a point to consider all angles to a situation rather than simply force his opinion on others as the gospel. Edward is also fairly famous back in his home state due to his work, but he is quite humble and will often ignore the praise while continuing his research.

Hardly shy, Edward is nonetheless a quiet fellow and will often keep to himself unless approached. If a conversation is struck up with him, though, then he is fully capable of holding his own and will converse with anyone and everyone that wishes to actually speak to him. In truth, his quiet nature has nothing to do with any kind of reclusive nature. Edward is simply the kind of person that spends a great deal of his time in thought or reflection, leading him to close out the rest of the world unintentionally while he gets lost in his own mind.

A romantic at heart, Edward quietly longs for companionship, but finds himself so utterly fascinated with the stars that he has found little time for such pursuits. He does often read up on legends and different religious views of space and the inner workings of nature, though, for the sake of finding a passionate edge to his work even though he doesn’t actually believe any of it. For those that catch him while he’s stargazing, Edward will sometimes rattle off one of these stories or myths with an almost longing air, as if he quietly wished that he could believe in them despite his scientific nature.

Though he longs at times for love, Edward is not specifically seeking to settle down, much to his mother’s chagrin. He loves his mother, but they are often at odds over this sensitive topic as she wants him taken care of. Edward, however, maintains that there is plenty of time for marriage, which is usually not the right answer when it comes to their brief arguments.

Quite compassionate, Edward does not like to see people hurt or in pain. His medical knowledge is virtually non-existent beyond basic first aid and common sense, but he will go out of his way to help someone if they need it. He is also quite generous, which is a virtue that he gained from his father, and will regularly donate money, time or resources to causes that he supports.

Edward also writes quite a lot, constantly taking notes or formulating ideas for use in future publications, theories or presentations. He writes to his family often, being in good relations with his parents and siblings, and will often touch on new findings with them. This is a habit that he developed while in England. In turn, his father shares information about new discoveries with his son and his youngest brother frequently sends poetry along. Edward particularly enjoys the poems, as they stir his more romantic and dreamy side in a way that’s different, but no less profound, than when he stares up at the night sky or looks through his telescope.

Backstory: Born exactly 10 years after the 1833 Leonid meteor shower that jump started meteorite research, Edward seemed destined for his eventual profession by the currents of fate. His mother was a home maker, but she worked just as hard as any other woman by rearing seven children in a world beginning to tear itself apart. His father was a professor of archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania and kept the family relatively well off.

From an early age, Edward was given the best possible education that his family could afford as the first born of the sons. Any book that the young man wanted was purchased and his father regularly took him along on excavations in order to give him exposure to the scientific process and allow him to witness the joy of discovery. Edward’s natural curiosity was heightened by his father’s encouragement and his performance in school as he grew up was greatly pleasing to both of his parents.

His other siblings, two boys and three girls, were just as encouraged, but each followed very different paths in life. His sisters were groomed to take on a role similar to their mothers, but remained very close to their brothers. The second eldest boy in the family was fascinated with engineering and eventually found himself at West Point military academy. The youngest brother, born last, was just as interested in academia, but rather than pursue a scientific path, chose to develop himself as a writer and poet, becoming the most artistic member of the family.

As time went by, Edward began to turn his eyes to the sky. He was instilled with a love of science from his father and while he knew that there was great merit to studying creatures long dead, the stories of the Leonid meteor shower absolutely fascinated the boy as he grew into a man. By the time he reached college age, he found himself wishing to study the field of astronomy in hopes of learning more about what lay beyond the trappings of earth. His father was pleased, feeling that such a pursuit would give his family another field of study to conquer, but the strife and tensions in America were beginning to concern him. War seemed inevitable, and though one son was already training to be an officer, Edward’s father did not want his son’s potential to be wasted by being shot at.

Sent to England to study just before the outbreak of the Civil War, Edward spent its duration studying away from the continent. The youngest of the sons was, fortunately, not of the proper age to be drafted, sparing the family the turmoil of having more than one member of their bloodline fighting in the Great War between the states. Edward remained in London until 1865, returning to America in order to study under Hubert Anson Newton at Yale. During his year there, Edward learned much and began to develop his own theories involving meteors, heavenly bodies and the world around him. It was therefore a life changing event when Edward was able to witness the 1866 Leonid meteor shower.

That event inspired Edward to strike out on his own as a professional. Returning to Philadelphia, Edward was brought into the University of Pennsylvania as a researcher and began to advance himself. It did not take long for Edward to gain recognition as his theories on pokemon origin in relation to meteor landings were a subject of great fascination among his peers. Edward theorized that the original ancestors of pokemon came from space, given their radically different physiology from other native species. By 1867, Edward had published a book containing his ideas which gained popularity throughout the Northern states. States from the former Confederacy, however, regarded his ideas as dangerous, likening him to Charles Darwin with his theories of evolution. Edward also joined the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) a few months later.

Regardless, his work was enough to gain him a position as a professor in the college, courtesy of influence of his father coupled with his rising esteem, and he spent the next couple of years teaching astronomy at the college while accumulating funds. By 1869, Edward had published several more books with his research. He then made a proposal to the college, which was accepted. He wished to travel west, to the developing frontier, and pursue his studies away from the industrial north. He theorized that due to its relatively wild nature, the western lands were ripe for discovery as any number of new pokemon species, meteorites or other traces of space debris could potentially be found there.

In 1870, Edward bid his family farewell and traveled west. His destination was the La Blanca region, and while there were larger towns present there, he decided to settle in Tin City due to its remote nature.

Current occupation/related skills: Professor of Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, Research Scientist, Astronomer / Lecturing, Research, Writing, Observing, Space Study, Telescope Use, Chart Reading and Writing

Family: Mother, Father (Professor of Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania), Oldest Brother (Lt. Col. in United States Army), Youngest Brother (Poet, moved to New York), Three Sisters (All Married)

Sexual preference and status: Heterosexual / Single (Subject of great grief with his mother, who wants grandchildren)

Pokémon team:

Pokémon #1/2/3/4/5/6
Pokémon species [Nickname if any, M/F/No gender]
Nature: Insert nature here
Special ability: Insert ONE of its species special abilities here
Notes: Anything else you want us to know about this Pokémon

Pokemon #1
Quagsire, Potato, Male
Nature: Gentle
Special Ability: Water Absorb
Notes: Given to him as a Whooper before his trip to England. Edward took to raising him in his spare time as a way to relax, and he eventually grew into a Quagsire. Potato is big, stupid and lovable – which is precisely why Edward adores him. They frequently stargaze together, even though Edward is fairly sure that big oaf has no idea what he’s looking at.

Pokemon #2
Lunatone, Artemis, Female
Nature: Modest
Special Ability: Levitate
Notes: Given to Edward by his father while at Yale to assist him with his research. Though Edward still studies her, he has come to regard the Lunatone as his friend and traveling companion. She is named after the sister of Apollo from Greek mythology.

Pokemon #3
Solrock, Apollo, Male
Nature: Brave
Special Ability: Levitate
Notes: Given to Edward by his father while at Yale to assist him with his research. Though Edward still studies him, he has come to regard the Lunatone as his friend and traveling companion. He is named after the brother of Artemis from Greek mythology.

Likes: Stars, Planets, Telescopes, Stargazing, Myths, Legends, The Scientific Method, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nature, People, Pokemon, Space, Meteorites, Meteor Showers, Tea (Blame London), Reading, Writing, Charting, Lecturing, Research

Dislikes: Closed Minded People, Talking About or Acknowledging His Fame To Others, Pompous Colleagues, The Hustle and Bustle of Big Cities, His Mother Bugging Him About Getting Married, Apathy, Having His Ideas Dismissed or Laughed At

Further notes: Though not experienced in the art of war, Edward nonetheless keeps a pistol on him for the sake of protection while in Tin City at the insistence of his mother. His officer brother showed him how to use it in the few months that preceded his trip out west, rendering him a few rungs higher than he was before – which was helpless.

RP sample:

Since I’m easily the most proud of Elizabeth in general, I’ve selected a scene with her to display:

Already seated at a table by herself, Elizabeth seems to be enjoying the fact that everyone is sitting at least 10 feet away from her. The silence is nice. Seated as she is, though, she's sure that it will eventually end, as the last time she took a table alone at this place, that wannabe bounty hunter tried to socialize with her. Sigh.

A few moments later, as if in response to her pleasure in the silence, the doors to the bar pushed open, and in walked a very familiar face. Artemis looked only slightly happy as he walked towards the bar and leaned against it. "Whiskey," he said tonelessly. "Iced. Leave the bottle." Apparently, his latest experiment was a failure.

As he waited, he cast his eyes around the bar.

Elizabeth isn't that concerned with the arrival of Artemis. Oh, she sees him of course. Tilts her head up to eyeball him, then she returns right to her own drink. She crosses her leg under the table and remains silent. After all, if he tries to spirit her away to his bed again, she'll just slice his bits off. The bartender, though, knows not of this, for it is only his job to serve Artemis delicious, delicious booze. With Sam away, this poor fellow's doing all he can to keep up with the busy night, but Artemis has a reputation. When he wants a drink, it's probably for a good reason. At least he's not on fire. "Here y'are, friend."

Taking his drink, Artemis forced a smile and offered a thank you. Then, as quick as he got it, he downed a glassful of it and poured himself another. About halfway through the second, he was feeling a bit better about whatever it was that he screwed up this time and went back to observing the bar crowd. One familiar face stood out, but he couldn't quite recall where he'd seen it before. So picking up the bottle and glass, he saunted Elizabeth's way.

"Well, hello," he said. "Mind if I take a seat?"

Yep, here he comes. She really should've known. It's either fate or coincidence sometimes, but she just tends to attract people (usually people she'd rather kick) to her when she wants to be left alone. She brings her glass up to her lips. "So long as yuh keep yuh hands to yuhself." She sips.



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Approved. I'm very amused by the part about his "pokémon from space" theory, by the way.
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