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lablanca_app's Journal

The Legend of La Blanca: The Character Archive
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Cowboys, Indians, bandits... Pokémon?
Welcome to the Legend of La Blanca's character archive. Are you a first-time visitor? Please visit our main site for more information about the game.

This community is both a character submission line and character listing. All rules concerning the application process are on our main site, but the simple version is after you find the right character form (also listed on the site), make a post with your app under an LJ-cut, and the mods will come by to check it. If approved, we'll add you to our active cast using one of the tags below:

The Tag Library

active - A character currently in our active cast.
npc - Usually player-created characters who didn't quite get an entry on our NPC gallery (also on the main site) but are still rather important.
inactive - Dropped or abandoned characters.
[no tag] - Characters that are still pending approval.