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Character Application - Contessa Fontaine

Tch. And sexysuitsteven thought this one was longer than my other two. =P

Player Information
Online pseudonym: Dani
RP history: Years of MUCK/MUSHing (not to be confused with MUDing) experience, ex-player/staff of The Network, admin of Tuscert.
Time zone: CST
Best times to reach you: I can be on most of the time, but generally nights are the best for me. (8PM and later.)
E-mail: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com
Messenger handles:
- AIM: InvertebrateNatn
- MSN: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com
- Y!IM: N/A
- Other (Please include service.):

Character Information
Full name: Contessa Rose Fontaine

Name preferred: Contessa

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Birthdate: April 19th

Birthplace: Albany, New York

Race: Caucasian (American) with French influences

Physical appearance: (May change her outfit up a bit if I find that when I do draw it, I'm not happy with how it looks.)

Contessa is tall, with a pleasant, lightly toned build (that she uses to her advantage). Her skin is fair, and her hair is a medium brown with a gentle wave in it, and her eyes are a soft hazel. One noticeable thing about her is she has several piercings in both ears. Over her forearms she wears black leather bracers, and black lace fingerless gloves cover her hands.

She’s dressed in a white peasant blouse, complimented by a black corset that accentuates her shape. Over this, she wears a red vest/jacket that is tailored to fit nicely over her chest – it lacks sleeves, and has small coat tails. She has a leather purse worn over a sash, which is died at her hips. On her bottom half, she wears a black, theatre style skirt that is long in the back, but of varying shorter lengths in the front (it has buckles to adjust the length). Black leather knee-high boots complete her outfit.


If anything, the first thing one would note about Contessa is that she’s very friendly, which might be surprising for a pirate. Upon further conversation with her, one would realize that she’s also very charismatic, likes to flatter, flirt, and can be quite sweet at times – however, her basis for this behaviour is simply a way of her manipulating others, and especially men in particular. Her attitude seems a touch on the playful side, and she’s often sarcastic in her remarks.

Most of the time, she’s incredibly diplomatic with her words, and can even be negotiated with. On a more rare occasion, she’s been known to lie, especially if the situation can be worked very much in her favour. Because of the fact that she likes to use her feminine charms as bait for men, Contessa tends to favour the males over females (females don’t tend to fall for that stuff), but actually views them as the weaker gender because of this. Though she does enjoy flirting/playing with men, and is even one to be for a one-night-stand, that’s all she really wants – a good time, and nothing long-term, unless it can be advantageous to her.

Though not a genius or scholar, Contessa is very clever and possesses the cunning of a fox – she is an observer, (despite liking to talk), and knows when she should be listening in – her experience has taught her that keen observation is a key element to discovering new information. Her ability to formulate attack plans has proved very useful over time.

When it comes to her skills and history, Contessa is arrogant – she has no problem bragging over her exploits, and seeks to impress with the tales of her past. She is greatly confident in her abilities and her physical beauty, though she isn’t quite vain (you wouldn’t find her staring at herself in a mirror, endlessly for hours, but she knows she’s attractive.)

Something Contessa always enjoys is a good riddle. In fact, one way to start on the path to impressing her is by either telling her a good riddle, or solving one of her’s.

As far as trust goes, Contessa might outwardly seem like she’s quick to trust others, but this is mostly so she can gain more information on them by fooling them into thinking that she trusts them. When it comes to her crew, she has a certain level of trust with them – enough that she’ll not be concerned that they’re going to stab her in the back at night, but she doesn’t share any more than she has to, and simply throws up a façade to guard her deeper thoughts and feelings.

When it comes to getting angry about things, Contessa is no longer the impulse-driven youngster she once was. Nowadays, she tends to laugh the smaller, more minor things off – it takes her a good bit to get really worked up, though when she is angered, she’s certainly a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

Contessa has deep hatred and distrust for doctors, or any person with a medical background, since in the two times in her life when their presence and skill was most critical, she was disappointed heavily on both occasions, as they could not save the people that were important in her life. The bitterness she feels over this runs deep, and there have been instances in which, upon faced with potential murder of such a medically inclined individual, Contessa would purposely see that those individuals suffered a slower, more grueling death as a sort of continuous revenge. When it comes to herself, she will rarely seek out medical attention, and would rather rely on holistic or even word-of-mouth cures.

If there is one thing in particular Contessa is anal about, it is loyalty. This is mostly due to the various mutinies she’s experienced while learning the ways of pirates. She has no tolerance for disloyalty, amongst either her crew, or confidants on land. In order to protect herself, she will give no second thoughts about eliminating any person connected to her that has shown any sign of disloyalty. As a result of this, murder and death are things she has become desensitized to.

Revenge is something in particular that she takes very, very seriously. If Contessa ever feels that she was truly wronged, she won’t hesitate to scheme out some intricate plot to take that revenge, which she feels is her right.

For the most part, she is seen as a patient individual, which is something she learned from experience in ‘when’ to strike – being hasty can be extremely wasteful, in her mind, not to mention foolish. At times her impulsiveness gets in her way of this (especially when it comes to revenge), but really, she knows that being patient provides the best results.

Beneath the sarcasm, the flirting, the charisma and the arrogance however, Contessa is insecure. Having never had a stable, long-term relationship with anyone (apart from her mother), she is hesitant to deeply trust and let others know of her deeper feelings – to her, it is safer to keep them to herself so she cannot be hurt.


Contessa was born out of a torrid, scandalous affair between two individuals from rather different worlds. Her mother, Clarice, was the youngest daughter of an aristocrat, and her father, Edmond, was an alluring French-Canadian pirate and thief that had stopped into her city while heading further south.

Whereas her mother was already married through an arranged marriage, she found solace, and eventually romance in befriending the handsome law-dodger. It was not until after Contessa was born that anyone suspected her of such an affair – it was after noticing how their daughter did not resemble Clarice’s husband that gossip of their potential affair started to arise. Nonetheless, the couple simply feigned innocence in public over the matter of their daughter, though behind closed doors they both knew the truth, which is what caused Contessa’s current father to despise her.

Clarice and her husband often argued, which led early on to her discussing the truth with her daughter – she’d tell her of how her real father was handsome and youthful, and how he traveled a lot, going on ‘adventures’ of all sorts - Clarice did not try to hide the fact that Contessa’s biological father was a pirate and criminal, though she presented his occupation to her daughter in a much more positive sense than society portrayed.

As Contessa grew up, her mother would continue telling her stories of her biological father’s exploits like they were bedtime stories. Clarice’s husband didn’t pay much attention to the girl at all, and was often out on business trips, so she never really identified with him much as a father figure.

Though she was sent to fine schools, had various lessons of all sorts (painting, music, theatre), and had exposure to the aristocratic society, Contessa had difficulty fitting in. She knew had to act like a lady, but a firm rebellious streak that had been present from her early childhood days often made it difficult for her to make friends, or be accepted – in fact, Contessa’s only friends were her starly, Zephyr, and her eevee, Lily.

The girl had little-to-no interest in baking or cooking, though she did seem to have a talent for gardening. She was able to find solace, however, in her French lessons. Though she had a great interest in fencing and sword play, ladies were seldom allowed to participate in such activities – it was through an expensive bribe on her part, that she found herself a personal mentor that would coach and hone her skills.

Whereas other girls her age were crocheting doilies for their trousseaus, Contessa was daydreaming about life aboard an airship with her real father, having sword fights, and drinking fine French wines.

As time went on, Contessa had successfully become quite the talented fencer, and she was nearly fluent in French. As a teenager, she found herself cross-dressing as a boy in order to attend fencing tournaments, with the help of her mentor. While her mother was trying hard to find her a suitable husband (which was a difficult task), Contessa, instead, spent her days toiling about the airship ports, keeping an open ear out for what she could learn of the air pirates.

A few months later, during a fencing tournament, Contessa was facing a harsh, skilled opponent, when by a stroke of misfortune, her protective mask came off, which revealed her identity as a woman. Immediately disqualified from the event, her presence certainly did not go unnoticed or unheard of, and soon there was gossip amongst the Albany elite about her little stunt, which put negative focus and shame upon her family.

After the word had gotten out, her mother found that she was forced to stop searching for prospective husbands for her daughter, at least temporarily until the gossip had died down. Contessa’s father returned home soon after, and after being disgusted by the ‘word’ of what his daughter had done, sought to berate his wife for allowing something so atrocious to occur.

As he was in a period of time where he did not need to travel, her father took up to constantly harassing and verbally abusing his wife. Clarice fell suddenly ill a few weeks later, possibly from the stress of their fighting, though in actuality, she had been poisoned by her husband.

Though doctors had been sent for to try and cure her sudden illness, their efforts were to fruitless, and Clarice died while Contessa was at her bedside. Her father easily shoved the blame of her death onto that of the ‘incompetent’ doctors, and Contessa could only believe him.

With her mother now dead, and her father threatening to throw her out for how she had disgraced the family (mostly by not being marriage material), Contessa got involved in a heated argument with the man, which led up to her disappearing by the following morning. She took along with her a few, small personal items, her rapier, and a good chunk of the family savings. Taking her biological father’s last name, Fontaine, the young woman had one idea in her mind, and that was to join up with some pirates and head out into the world to see if she could find him.

Knowing that she’d be too easy of a target if she were dressed nicely, she sold off the fancy clothing she was wearing and exchanged it for clothing that was more befitting of person of lower class. All her listening and observations had paid off, however, and she found a pirate ship within her city’s port.

The captain wasn’t too impressed by her initial approach, but upon speaking to the sweet-talking, flattering young woman, he found that he couldn’t say ‘no,’ to her, and let her board his vessel. Mixing in with the crew, most of her unruly shipmates were amused that a ‘pretty lady’ would join up amongst their ranks – Contessa only smiled in return – she didn’t care if they were ruffians – after all, she’d joined them by choice, and during her time spent with them, she really began to learn that her gender was very much advantageous to her.

During her early days aboard the ship, Contessa was not given much trust in the way of things just yet, but she was able to pick up a few more skills while aboard, such as basic ship maintenance and a bit of street smarts.

As time went on, she began to realize that her ideals of life as a pirate weren’t exactly like she had expected them – they certainly weren’t full of the romanticism her mother had added to her stories, nor were they full of the awesome spoils of gold and gems – mostly, she’d begun to realize that she’d chosen a hard life for herself, and it was starting to wear away at her, but the thought of finding and bonding with her real father was the driving force for her as she learned of these bitter realities.

It wasn’t until after she’d proven her ‘worth’ to the captain by the use of her sword in an overnight mutiny that she found she’d gained the trust and respect she was seeking. With her status amongst the remaining crew now elevated, Contessa finally started to feel as if she had made the right choice for herself.

Life continued this way for some time, and Contessa had started to enjoy her life as a pirate – she’d developed a close relationship with the captain, who’d by this point, elevated her status to first mate amongst the crew. Though she hadn’t heard or seen anything of her real father, Contessa still kept her goal of finding him on her mind, though it was starting to matter less, since she was enjoying her lifestyle. However, the temporary peace she had found was not to last.

It was on a rough night of flying that the captain suddenly collapsed, gasping and grabbing at his chest. Contessa was quick to rouse the ship’s doctor, though after a quick examination, the physician announced that nothing could be done, since his diagnosis was a myocardial infraction (heart attack.) Afraid, bitter, and angry, Contessa drew her sword and threatened the man to do something, but during her angry outburst, the captain passed away. Though the thought occurred to her to kill the useless doctor, she let the thought go, and simply went off to her cabin to grieve. ‘What is the use of doctors if they can’t save anyone?’ – She found herself thinking, which was really the beginning of her hatred for the healing types.

When the sun rose the next day, Contessa was ready to take over as the new captain. Whereas some of the crew was ready to stand at her side, the majority found her intentions to be laughable, and one of them challenged her to a duel for the rights of captain. Contessa was able to defeat her opponent easily, but afterwards when she had her back turned and weapon away, she was attacked, beaten and ousted from the ship during a sudden landing.

Feeling physically hurt, bitter and angry, she knew there was no point in trying to follow them on foot – instead, she made a mental note to herself to seek revenge ‘when the time was right.’

Wandering into a nearby town, Contessa used the same tactics she had initially, many years ago – she observed and listened to those around her, and was able to locate a band of pirates once again.

After discovering that the captain on the ship was against letting women on his ship (since he saw them as useless), Contessa found herself with a slight dilemma. Annoyed at the idea that she’d really have to ‘start over’ to gain rank, she instead concocted another idea. Stopping into a tailor’s shop, she exchanged nearly all of her leftover spoils for nicer, provocative, yet still functional, clothing.

Dressing in her new garb, she approached the captain and immediately flirted with him, offering flattering words and seduction – luckily for her, the captain was caught off guard by her charms, and let her onto the ship, and into his bedroom.

Contessa, now truly seeing the power that she potentially had just by being a woman, continued to work on the captain, easily gaining his trust and even slight influence over him. The crew was initially untrusting of her, but even they too, fell to her charisma and feisty attitude that seemed to blend well with them – it was refreshing to have a woman on board with them, and one that could fight and drink just like they could, no less.

Life aboard this second ship was turning out to be even better than it was on her first – their raids were more successful and numerous – Contessa found that she could easily get just about anything she wanted, either by the worth of her own share of the spoils, or by sweetly talking to the captain.

Though she did know she was taking advantage of the man, Contessa had developed a sincere liking for him, nonetheless – he certainly gave her what she wanted, and eventually gave her a position of rank – whenever they landed and went through various towns and cities, Contessa accompanied him, and became recognized as his ‘right hand.’

The stable, nearly lavish lifestyle wasn’t to last however, and Contessa found herself witnessing another overnight mutiny started by some of the newer crew members. Quick to defend her captain, for once, her fighting skills failed her, and she found herself held captive temporarily as her captain was killed before her. In a burst of emotion and adrenaline, she tore free from her confines and sought out the man (the ship’s new medic, apparently) that had initiated the mutiny.

While other crew members tried to get involved, the man simply called them off, saying he ‘admired her spirit,’ and wanted to see how much fight she had left in her. Fueled by her emotions, Contessa fought him bitterly, but instead of letting up when he was clearly going to be defeated, she let her blade pierce his flesh, killing him without a second thought.

After restructuring the crew and preparing to oust the others responsible for the mutiny, Contessa examined the man she had killed with some disdain, and asked if anyone knew anything about him, or his motives. It was then that, upon hearing the words from her crew that she realized that the man she had killed so easily was her biological father.

Utterly shocked and disgusted, Contessa tried to mask her upset with silence, and simply asked that the body be dumped off. Feeling unsettled, upset and disturbed that her reasons behind becoming what she had were all because of the potentially fictional idea that was planted in her brain, she became withdrawn from the normal crew activities for a few days, and took to spending more time in her cabin, as opposed to her normal socialization.

After having collecting her thoughts, Contessa finally returned more to her old self – to her now, her father did not exist, and she refused to grieve over the man she’d never really known any longer. Believing that all she could do now was to move forward in the life she had created and fought for herself, she took it in stride and never looked back again.

As captain, she led more cargo raids and attacks than many other vessels – she was extremely skeptical and critical of admitting new members to her crew, and did not hesitate to execute any member she deemed disloyal and untrustworthy. Though she kept a steady crew of men and women of all types, she wasn’t one to let anyone get too close to her personally – both out of personal fear of potentially letting herself become vulnerable, and also since she did not want to be taken advantage of.

Her ship, which she had repainted and renamed, ‘La Rose Noir,’ was upgraded and reworked so that it could travel faster and quieter than most airships. Her raids proved to be fruitful and successful – Contessa planned her pillaging well, and with the numerous spoils, the morale of the crew was at an all-time high.

Time passed on like this, and Contessa’s vessel continued to be successful, and she herself even came to be lightly known amongst other pirates, since she was known to stalk other ships and pillage them as well, having no problem with turning against her own kind, were it to her advantage. She became known as ‘The Rose Corsair,’ since whereas she was beautiful and charismatic, the rose certainly had thorns – pirate thorns.

While on the way to California, Contessa and her crew made a stop at the edge of the American southwest. Stopping in at a tavern to pick up on the latest rumours, she heard of the La Blanca region, and the humble Tin City. The small town didn’t interest her initially, until the strange conditions and potential artifacts being housed somewhere in the region were mentioned – a man presented Contessa with a Yuni artifact adorned with turquoise and silver.

Feeling as if this sounded like an interesting break away from her traditional work, Contessa decided that they would trudge further west, and nestle in the La Blanca region for a time to further investigate the rumours.

Current occupation/related skills:
Contessa is an airship pirate by trade, and is particularly skilled in fencing, apart from other pirating trades, such as gun-fighting, knife throwing, and hand-to-hand combat.

In addition to this, she can pilot airships and do minor airship repairs, since she doesn’t always want to have to rely on a mechanic.

Family: None

Sexual preference and status: Bisexual

Likes: Riddles, French wine, gold, silver, gems, jewelry, attractive men, manipulating men, fencing, stealing, pillaging, flirting, gambling, winning, loyalty, gardening, French food

Dislikes: Being taken advantage of, losing, doctors or medical types, mutinies (unless she’s leading them), disloyalty

Pokémon team:

Pokémon #1 – “Zephyr”
Pokémon species: Staraptor
Nature: Adamant
Special ability: Intimidate
Notes: Starter pokemon – gained as a starly.

Pokémon #2 – “Lily”
Pokémon species: Umbreon
Nature: Bold
Special ability: Synchronize
Notes: Given to her as a gift as an eevee – eevee were prized and seen as a status symbol, so her mother wanted her to have one.

Further notes:

Contessa has a medium-sized airship called, 'La Rose Noir,' that can move faster and quieter than most other airships of the same specifications, as she paid a nice sum to have it upgraded.

Apart from always having some kind of sword with her, Contessa also carries a pistol – she’s not exceptionally brilliant with her shots, but she’s pretty damn good, and good enough.

In addition to this, she enjoys using throwing knives.

Though she tends to favour the rapier, she can also use a sabre and cutlass.

RP sample:

(Hurhur, you get recycled pose.)


Looking up to the sky, she squinted briefly and opened her black parasol. Though she’d been wandering about the desert for a few seasons with the Yuni people, the annoyance of the burning sun was just something that she hadn’t gotten used to yet. “Oh well. No sense in lookin’ like a fried tomato on the first day back in modern civilization.”

[Do you think what they say about this place is true?] Darcy asked while standing parallel to her master’s heels.

“Dunno, Darcy. All I can say is I hope they’re ready for us – I imagine they’ll be in for a bit of a shock, especially if they’re just expectin’ an gentle flower from the east.”

Smirking, she pushed back the long hair that framed her face and walked forward.



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