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Application- Charlotte Alice Blauberg

Player Information
Online pseudonym: Katsu
RP history: little to none, I'm afraid
Time zone: EST
Best times to reach you: Typically late evening (starting around 9pm-ish) until very early morning (10am-ish at the latest). This varies by a few hours give or take, due to health reasons. This applies to every night of the five day week, while weekends are a bit less scheduled. I'm fairly easy to reach by email.
E-mail: feralspirit@live.com
Messenger handles:
- AIM: konekokatsu
- MSN: KaleidoKatsu

Character Information
Full name: Charlotte Alice Blauberg
Name preferred: Lottie
Gender: female
Age: 22
Birthdate: 25 November
Birthplace: The Catskills (Greene County), New York
Race: Caucasian (born and raised in The Catskills); of German and English descent.

Physical appearance: Hair hangs down just past her shoulder blades, is a rich light rust-red color, and is quite thick and wavy. She tends to have it pulled back in a messy bun/twist that ties at the nape of her neck during the day, but after sundown it is down loose and full. Her eyes are a sedate hazel-green color with flecks of gold. She's curvy-plump in complimentary ways and in the right places, but fairly strong and agile after spending most of her life living in and near the mountains. The state of her clothing (like her hair and mood) changes accordingly throughout a typical day. For work and errands in general, she usually wears a simple white button-down shirt, with only two buttons undone modestly at the top. The collar flares slightly, as do the sleeves at the wrist, both of which add a bit of femininity to what would otherwise be a rather unisex shirt. Under the bust is a russet colored lace-up corset, and she wears a sage/moss green skirt that hangs to mid-ankle. Black leather ankle boots and white thigh-high stockings complete the outfit. Due to a mild eyesight problem, she also wears simple silver oval-shaped reading glasses during workday hours, but true to form, she doesn't wear them after that. She sports no jewelry save for a simple pendant on a long brown leather cord which hangs under her shirt. The pendant is a simple round, flat, grey stone with a primitive engraved image of a stylized cloud.

Personality: Charlotte is something of a paradox. Generally she is laid-back, but also a bit scatter-brained and often gets lost in thought. She has a sharp tongue, but this usually manifests in a quippish and somewhat derisive sense of humor. She's a little too brazen to be considered sassy, and occasionally a bit too stubborn. At work she is decidedly gentler, but even then she's pretty tough. How Lottie ended up in her line of work mystifies anyone not in the know, due to her regular complaints about "those snot-nosed little brats". She can easily make casual friends, but her deeper relationships seem more troubled. Due to a myriad of circumstances, one of her biggest short-comings is her inability to let herself be vulnerable. While her assured exterior is genuine, it is unfortunately an extension of her pride. She doesn't like to show weakness, especially of the emotional variety. Once she becomes fond of a person, however, unrevealed aspects of her personality begin to show. Deep down, Charlotte is a bit fragile and guarded. The fact that she puts up such walls prevents her from developing many close relationships, and thus she finds herself quite lonely in general. Romantic and sexual relationships are few and far between for her, and she rarely pursues them. Overall, Lottie is actually fairly easy to get along with, despite some of her more disconcerting traits.

Backstory: Born in the mountains of Upstate New York, Charlotte's many facets range far beyond those simple beginnings, though perhaps it was those roots from which she has gained her real strength and inspiration. Her father Carl, a farmer of German descent, was a man of harsh labor and humble lifestyle. Her mother Alice, born and raised in London within a wealthy family, found herself easily drawn to him. She and her twin brother, Thomas, had come to America as young adults on something of a mutual adventure. Both were fascinated by the legends of the Yuni, and sought to research them more directly. After spending a few years in the Blanca region, they made their way back to the East Coast, and found the drastic change in climate and environment quite appealing. Alice crossed paths with Carl, and they married soon after. Charlotte was born, and a couple years after, her sister Belinda. Thomas settled down nearby, and after spending the first ten years of Charlotte's life nearby, the two became close.

Those early years of Charlotte's life were peaceful. Not only did she inherit her feral hair from her mother's side of the family, but she was strongly drawn to folklore and adventure like her mother and uncle. Her bedtime stories consisted of the myths themselves, or else the stories of the twins' travels. She also spent a good deal of her time exploring the outdoors, quietly studying Pokemon and nature, or reading.

Whereas most children with siblings would find themselves with an easy playmate, she and her sister were like night and day. Belinda seemed to have little tolerance for any of these interests, instead seeking attention amongst her peers and asking regularly about what her mother's and uncle's lives were like back in London. In her eyes, Charlotte was too boyish and wild, and even at a young age Belinda seemed focused on the idea of marrying and having a life beyond their simple existence. In return, Charlotte found her sister to be stuck up and annoying, and the two did little more than bicker. Charlotte's father favored Belinda, proud to see one of his girls looking to raise her station in life. And while Alice loved both her daughters dearly, Belinda seemed determined to be exasperated with her mother's life choices. Thomas, while not exactly a father figure to Charlotte, certainly became dear to her. Both he and Alice nurtured her passions without judgment, and Charlotte quickly proved a girl of great intelligence and wit.

Despite her wanderlust, Alice stayed rooted in the Catskills, but it was agreed Thomas should go when the impulse hit him again. At age nine, Charlotte bid farewell to her uncle when he headed west again. This proved to become the first of a series of catalysts that would drastically alter her relatively carefree life. On her tenth birthday, Charlotte received her first Pokemon. The choice Alice made in which Pokemon to give her was no small thing. She knew her daughter well, and if there was one thing the girl loved, it was anything remotely resembling something mythical. One of Charlotte's favorite Pokemon was the Ninetails- despite the lightness of the legend regarding its origin, it appealed to the girl. And so it was that a small female Vulpix named Nona became Charlotte's constant companion, and it didn't take long for the Pokemon to develop a firm loyalty to the girl, and for Charlotte to consider the Vulpix her best friend.

Charlotte's world was turned upside-down at age twelve when her mother suddenly passed away due to cholera. Those last few days of her mother's life proved to crush a small part of her spirit, and short of Nona, she found herself feeling incredibly isolated and lost. Her father became cold and unfeeling in his grief, merely going through the motions but forever uninterested in his daughters. Belinda's mourning would only serve to strengthen her bitterness as she got older. Thomas- having returned as soon as was possible from his distance- found Charlotte fully focused on her education, her hikes with Nona the only deviation from her routine. He settled back down close by, and it was through the passion they had shared with Alice that they began to heal. Thomas began to slowly draw Charlotte back out again with his newest stories from out west. It was one tale in particular that seemed to bring a sort of spark back into the girl. For the first time, she heard the story of Shira, or "Wind Wren".

Somewhere in that legend, Charlotte saw her mother's mischievous and adventurous spirit, as well as her own. On the one year anniversary of her mother's death, Thomas gave Charlotte a gift that remains her most precious possession. When he was last in the Blanca region he brought back a small stone, which was something of a tradition for him to do whenever he'd travel- for him, they were natural souvenirs and reminders of the beautiful places he'd been. The stone was small, round, flat and grey, and upon it he spent much time engraving a stylized design of a cloud. After finally notching a little hole in the top, he strung a long brown leather cord in it, thus creating a pendant. It was his own personal way of reminding Charlotte of that free spirit inside her, the spirit she had gotten from her mother. The story had inspired Charlotte to find strength and slowly, the girl was able to pick herself up by the proverbial bootstraps and move on. It was around this time that Nona evolved into a Ninetails. The Pokemon’s personality strengthened and matured, as did her protectiveness and devotion to Charlotte.

Not for the first time, Charlotte realized that she was going to seek a professional position in education. Her interests were mostly of a naturalistic persuasion, and while she wasn't hit by the same wanderlust as her mother and uncle, she certainly sought to travel elsewhere and further her knowledge and understanding of the world around her. Upon announcing this decision, her sister proceeded to mock her choice. Belinda already had her eye on potential suitors and had no interest in such "pathetic endeavors" and their father, while rather emotionless since Alice's death, became startlingly angry. His grief had led to irrationality on his part, and he seemed to blame Alice's "wild ways" for her sudden departure from their lives. She tried to reason with the man, but he outright refused to let Charlotte pursue such a path under his roof. In Charlotte's eyes, the natural course of action was to simply leave. She left, with Nona at her side, for her uncle's estate. She was fully welcomed, and Thomas was helpful and encouraging of Charlotte's decisions.

Some time later, her uncle threw a sort of party for family and old friends. For the first time since leaving home, she saw her father and sister. Carl seemed a bit more amicable regarding Charlotte's choice, in part because he had fallen back into his general disinterest in most things. While Carl and Charlotte would never really be close, it was the last time she would see him before heading west, and they parted on good terms. Charlotte found herself talking animatedly with various old friends of Thomas and Alice, and enjoyed the occasion, finding new contacts throughout the evening. Belinda, apparently rubbed raw by the fact that Charlotte was doing well, began publicly and tastelessly bringing up stories and old memories that left Charlotte humiliated and hurt. By the end of the night, the sisters ended up in a loud argument outside the building away from the other guests, and the fierce rivalry and general bitterness Belinda expressed led to an estrangement between the two that lasts to this day.

A few months after the stressful event, Charlotte was somewhat glad to leave the estate behind. Despite her love for her uncle and his home, she found herself feeling somewhat overwhelmed and weary of the place. Before she left, Thomas gifted her with a small Meowth, the offspring of the Persian he had acquired in his travels. Charlotte, with her two Pokemon, moved closer to the city to pursue her college education. During this time she gained something of a mentor in one of her professors, Iona Moray. A steel-willed Scottish woman, Professor Moray became the second woman in Charlotte's life to influence what some would call her "less lady-like traits". Already fiery and stubborn, Charlotte developed a good chunk of dry humor and a shorter thread of patience for what she considered pretentious or simply inane. Being away from family- in school and under Moray's tutelage- seemed to break away the last bits of her awkwardness, helping Charlotte become more confident and self-assured. From Iona Moray she also got her nickname, "Lottie". The older woman was fond of calling her that, and on some level, Charlotte associates her full name with vulnerability and trust, likely because of its use during her early life. Going by Lottie since then has been a sort of identity-strengthener, and she's yet to find anyone other than Thomas she's okay with calling her otherwise. Within a few years she graduated with full honors and the certification to teach. At her graduation, Moray presented her with an Egg, which later hatched into a Chatot. The Professor insisted that Chatots were excellent Pokemon for teachers to keep, as they could prove very helpful with various classroom and study activities.

Charlotte settled in New York for a while teaching, taking advantage of the libraries in the city to further her own study interests. She got involved in a few romantic relationships, but found it difficult to reconcile the expectations the world around her seemed to have with what she was seeking in her own partnership. Most men she came across seemed to want to tame her, and were little interested in her mind and knowledge. The more intellectual ones who didn't were disappointing in other ways, namely emotional sensitivity and empathy. Slowly but surely New York became too stifling to her. Her family, her failed attempts at getting close to others, and the city itself were not well-suited for Charlotte. She was a person who needed fresher air and a more relaxed atmosphere, with room to explore and learn. Just when she thought she'd go stir-crazy, her uncle paid her a visit. It was the first time they'd seen each other since she had moved to the city, and the two enjoyed catching up. Fittingly, Isabella evolved during his visit. Towards the end of his stay, Thomas happened to relate the fact that the school in Tin City had always had problems keeping a teacher. Charlotte, who had been pondering just what change of scenery she should make, was hit with the obvious solution. Her excitement and sense of adventure immediately peaked; Charlotte knew then it was time for her to head for the Blanca region. After taking the time to wrap up all the loose ends needed in New York, she and her three Pokemon boarded a train, thrilled at the prospect of what was to come.

Traveling through the Blanca region, Charlotte found herself fascinated by the new environment. Upon her arrival in Tin City, she found herself immediately drawn outside the town, stopping only to secure quick lodgings at the local tavern before setting out exploring. She spent her first evening wandering. In a moment of surprise, she stumbled upon a Cyndaquil, and despite the newness of her environment, was able to accomplish her first real capture. Taking this as a good sign, Charlotte headed back to town, all fire and excitement and ready to start her new life.

Current occupation/related skills: As a schoolteacher (and a quick learner), Charlotte enjoys sharing and receiving knowledge. Her true passion lies in studying various branches of mythology and folklore. She has also studied Pokemon behaviorism, as her passion for watching Pokemon has been with her since childhood. She is something of a naturalist, and finds hiking and exploring both educational and relaxing.

Family: Mother: Alice Blauberg (deceased), Father: Carl Blauberg, Sister: Belinda Bennitt (estranged)
also of note: Uncle: Thomas Reid (Alice's twin brother)

Sexual preference and status: She's only been with men, but has found herself attracted to women as well. Single.

Pokémon team:
Pokémon #1 – “Nona" / female / Ninetails
Nature: Lonely
Special ability: Flash Fire
Notes: Given to her as a Vulpix by her mother.

Pokémon #2 – “Isabella" / female / Persian
Nature: Gentle
Special ability: Limber
Notes: Given to her as a Meowth by her uncle.

Pokémon #3 – “Elton" / male / Chatot
Nature: Jolly
Special ability: Keen Eye
Notes: Given to her as an Egg by her Professor when she graduated.

Pokémon #4 – “Rupert" / male / Cyndaquil
Nature: Rash
Special ability: Blaze
Notes: Found and captured shortly after her arrival in Tin City.

Likes: mythology and folklore, studying Pokemon behavior, learning, fresh air, walking, hiking, exploring, journeying, nature, storytelling, men who know how to treat women properly, tea, intelligent conversation, classical music, teaching, cleaning, cheeses, star-gazing, being around adults, being in a cheerful and humorous atmosphere, kicking the proverbial knees out from under overly-bothersome people

Dislikes: arrogance, willful ignorance, chauvinists, rudeness, politics, sexism, her sister

Further notes: Charlotte is very attached to Nona in particular, and to a lesser degree, Isabella. Nona is almost always out of her Pokeball and at Charlotte's side. Nona's perception and judgment of others is something Charlotte takes fairly seriously, and though she won't solely rely on the Ninetails' impressions, it does have a strong influence. Isabella often wanders around with her as well, though is more aloof in personality. Elton seems to prefer being indoors and wherever Charlotte's workspace is. Rupert is rather unpredictable, and tends to pop out and run around wherever he pleases, much to Charlotte's annoyance.

It should also be noted that despite being inspired by and fascinated with old myths and legends, Charlotte herself is not religious, nor does she exhibit any special talents or connections with anything spiritual.

RP sample:

Tucking the now-occupied Pokeball into her satchel, Lottie walked back towards town with Nona on one side of her and Isabella on the other. She couldn't help letting out a small laugh. It came out much higher and more giddy then she had expected, and both Pokemon looked up at her quizzically. The woman let out a hardier chuckle at their faces, and kneeled next to them. Putting a hand on each of their heads, she said quietly, "This is it, you know. I'm scared. More scared than I can ever remember being. But I'm ready."

The Ninetails pushed her head further into her owner's hand. [I will not say everything will be fine, because I do not know that for sure. But I am here, and will do my best to protect you.]

At that, the Persian let out an amused purr, swishing her tail somewhat teasingly. [While that is reassuring and all, I know I'll rest easier keeping an eye out for you myself, Charlotte.]

The red-haired woman had to fight the tears threatening to rise, instead closing her eyes and leaning into them both. "How can anyone be worried with you two around?" She stood, turning towards the tavern, and sighed. "Much as I hate to wish a person ill, I sure do hope there's actually a job for me in this town." The Pokeball in her satchel wiggled slightly, causing a large grin to bloom on her face.

Both Pokemon noted with pride how their owner's stride seemed to strengthen as they continued on their way.



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