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Online pseudonym: Sean
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Character Information
Full name: Liam O'Hanlan

Name preferred: Liam

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthdate: Sometime in the Spring, he believes May

Birthplace: Ireland, county unknown

Race: Irish

Physical appearance: Dressed in rather plain utilitarian clothes, he tends to blend into his surroundings, preferring not to draw attention.  He has wind-swept dark blue hair that always points to his left, and it would be about shoulder-length if it laid down straight.  His eyes are almost the same color as his hair.

He is slightly above average height (oh, the vagaries of genetics), average weight, and has a few scars he picked up on the continent in war.  The only really noticeable one is on his left hand, where he was bayonetted in France.

Personality: Liam is a laid-back guy.  Despite being a professional soldier and wanderer, he doesn't take much too seriously, even his own work.  Which is why, perhaps, he's still alive.  He sees no problem with leaving a fight if he's losing it, though panic is also something foreign to him.  He has a thrill-seeking streak which is not too obvious, but the only explanation for why he apparently seeks violent situations.  He often sates this urge by hunting dangerous criminals or pokemon as a bounty hunter when no other kind of dangerous situation is at hand.

He is not an attention-whore, though – something he's picked up while fighting for years.  Drawing attention to yourself will just get you killed.  Bragging is also something he doesn't partake in; he has walked the walk, talking about it is something that amateurs do.

This might imply he's somewhat of a bad person, but that's not really the case.  He is not immoral, but by the standards of the day he is nearly amoral.  He cares nothing about religious values or even most causes, though he does draw a line at killing non-combatants if he can help it.

One of the major things people notice about him is that he is extremely difficult to anger; he usually remains jovial and friendly even to someone who hates him, as long as they aren't trying to kill him at that moment.  In fact, even if they are trying to kill him, he may remain calm while he tries to kill them in return.

He's really pretty likable, and quite flirty – with anyone who seems interested, regardless of gender.  He rarely seeks a major relationship, though, since he's so prone to travelling.

Possessed of a major wanderlust, he rarely stays in one place for very long, though he may stay in a region and simply move about it in it.

Though his experiences and knowledge often lend him an edge in survival situations, he is of course not the best; when he fails or is defeated, though, he just takes it in stride and continues on.

Most of his personality traits are due to the situation he was born in.  When everyone hates you and treats you like dirt, it becomes hard for things to faze you.  Later on, his only career choice as a soldier made normal stresses seem even more mild and silly in comparison.  The only things that interest him anymore are situations like he would face in a battle, and adventures in the bedroom.

Backstory: Liam's origins aren't clear to even him; his family was dispossessed of its lands long ago, and travelled, gypsy-like, around the country.  For that reason, he's not even sure where he was born, but thinks it was somewhere around the middle of Erin.

Having few possessions that were often lost, broken, or stolen, he learned not to treasure possessions,  caring more for people instead.  His family also faced great prejudice, not just by the foreign regime in his country, but by the landed Irish as well, who viewed Travellers as the worst beings around.  Being landless and penniless, there was no method of recourse.  Due to this he came to be very laid-back, even to those who vehemently disliked him.  It did no good to get angry, as it could get you arrested or worse.

 There was no formal schooling for people of his class, so he actually has little education.  He can perform any kind of math that one might be called upon to do through normal daily events, but he cannot do complex math and is nearly illiterate (he can read better in Dutch than he can in English).

When he was only 16 he left his family of his own volition; there was hardly enough food for them even without him.  He did leave a note and promised to send them money if he could, however.

As with many young men in his country, his only real way of getting employment was to leave it and become a soldier.  He travelled to the continent and became a wandering solider, fighting in many skirmishes in what was overall a peaceful era for Europe (which made it hard for a mercenary to earn a living).

His specialty was being a skirmisher; sort of a ranger who travelled ahead of army formations, living off the land and locating the lead elements of the enemy forces.  This was a very dangerous role, and in a way insulated him from the diseases normally sweeping an army, as he had relatively little contact with other soldiers for segments of his career.

While that time period was still a hotbed of drama between different religions, races, and creeds, Liam did not choose people to fight for based on any of those principals.  He mainly chose on 'who would pay him' and who was the least wretched.  He did pick up several languages in this time, his best being gutter Dutch, though he could get by in French and communicate basic ideas in Italian.

He fought for multiple armies, from each receiving training that improved his skills in military matters, if little else.  For the most part, Liam is illiterate, though he can recognize words such as "General Store" - more from looks than reading.

He left armies and joined new ones various times - a dangerous thing to do, generally, but being a skirmisher, far from the main army, made it easier.  He fought for, at various times, the army of France against Piedmont-Sardiinia in the Austro-Sardinian War, and later siding with the Piedmontese.  The latter was due to being captured by them and being forced to their side.  Which was, technically speaking, the same side, however the Piedmontese were not friendly towards the French and later warred with them.

He did not mind this so much, as he hated French officers (who refused to communicate in anything other than French, forcing him to learn to understand and reply to basic commands in that language).  His new Italian officers were much more lax in regards to language, and he did not have to acquire Italian under threat of the lash.  As a result, he learned only a few phrases of gutter Italian from other soldiers, including how to ask for the bathroom (a vital skill in any language).

He stayed in the Piedmontese Army until the war ended, when he moved north, as the peace time pay was not enough for him.  He joined the army of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on the understanding that he'd be sent overseas to help expand the Empire.  At least fighting overseas would be an interesting experience.

Instead, he found himself part of a unit now sent to assist the Austrians during the Italian Unification War, for political reasons.  Serving in a mixed foreign unit, mostly with other Wild Geese (Irishmen who became soldiers in the armies of other European countries).  This was the army he served longest in, and became a skirmisher and scout.

It was during the Unification War that he found an abandoned Grimer on the field after a battle, calling out for its master.  He took it in, but no one ever claimed it, and the pokemon eventually agreed to stay with him, which was his first pokemon he acquired, at the age of 17.

After an incident in which he could not relate vital news to his commander due to language barrier (and lack of interpreter), he was ordered to learn to speak Dutch.  To accomplish this, he was transferred to a Dutch-speaking unit, though one member spoke enough English to coach him at speaking the language, which ultimately became the language he speaks best after Irish and English.  Being in the unit for over two years, he learned to communicate everything he might need to relate to another soldier, which mostly meant tactics, dangers, food, and sex.  Relating philosophy and deep inner feelings were not on the agenda, so he still has large gaps in his knowledge of the language.

He was wounded several times during these wars (including a bayonet through the hand which resulted in an unpleasant if not fatal case of tetanus) and received decorations during this time, but the very idea of receiving a medal for killing people made him laugh, and he did not bother to keep track of them.  He was fighting because it was the only skill he had, not because he believed in the causes he was fighting for.

Something he always kept carefully hidden was his interest in both men and women; it was a dangerous thing in many ways, and he was always careful to only reveal it to those who were mutually interested.  During his time in Europe he had only two relationships, mostly as he witnessed many soldiers suffering the effects of venereal disease and did not wish to suffer it as well.  Obviously, brothels are something he avoids like the plague (haha, pun).

When he was 19, he returned home to find his family.  He had never been able to contact them since leaving, and had only heard of the terrible famine that had been killing tens of thousands since he had left.

Despite his best efforts, however, he never found them, or any trace of them.  To this day, he has no clue what happened to them.

He was only in Erin for a few months when he found himself accosted by occupying soldiers – being a young fit man in a country plagued by famine was very suspicious.  Naturally, he was calm, but was not going to let himself be arrested, and unfortunately, being an armed Irishman was grounds for arrest.

After he killed the soldiers, he knew he had to skip the country.  It was a harrowing trip, but he managed to secure passage for himself to America, where he knew the enemy could not follow him. America, however, was in a state of civil war.  Being offered money to join the Union Army, he readily accepted, his experience and shooting skill being put to great use when he was accepted into the 2nd US Sharpshooters.

 Liam saw action at many battles and campaigns of the war, including Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness Campaign, and the siege of Petersburg, yet never wounded or even fell significantly ill; people began to call him blessed or lucky.  It was not a secret so much as his years of prior experience and simple luck.  The fact that he tended to engage the enemy at long range certainly helped as well.

When the war ended, he found himself with money but no work.  He meandered slowly west, taking occasional jobs like Tauros-hunting, though he found himself not liking it, as it was just slaughtering poor beasts.  Not like they fired back.

At one point, at least, he fought with native Indians, though not for settlers, but mainly due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He mostly tries to avoid trouble with the natives, though.  Still, the single battle gave him a reputation as an “Indian Fighter” that he doesn't really like; he feels more sympathy for the Indians than he does with the settlers, though he won't take sides either way.

After wandering through almost every region BUT Blanca, he finally found himself on the edge of Tin City, looking for some kind of work to refill his nearly empty coffers . . .

Current occupation/related skills: Mercenary; sharpshooting, wilderness survival, scouting, Indian fighter (“But only that one time”), speaks several languages; Irish and English fluently, a little French (he could hold a basic conversation, but any native French speaker would instantly be able to tell he has difficulty with it), Dutch (better than his French, he could pass as Dutch to someone not from there), and a little Italian (even less than his French; he could, if he had to, communicate basic ideas and things to someone who spoke it as well).  The latter three languages he learned by necessity as a soldier in the armies of those nations (or armies from those regions that spoke those languages, as Italy was not a unified nation at that time).

Family: Somewhere in Erin, but he sure as hell couldn't find them . . .  Mother, father, two sisters, and three brothers.

Sexual preference and status: Bisexual.  He is not too picky on a partner's looks or social status, but is wary of venereal disease.

Pokémon team:
Pokemon #1
Grimer [Male]
Nature: Relaxed
Special ability: Sticky Hold
Notes: Liam found this pokemon wandering in a field of battle after a battle.  He does not know who its original owner was, but assumes they were killed in battle.  It only responds to Dutch commands.  He has tried giving it a name before, but it still only responds to Grimer.
Thanks to its Sticky Hold ability, if he has to hide his gun and know it's safe, he gives it to Grimer to keep ahold of.

Pokémon #2
Murkrow [Ms. Morgan, Female]
Nature: Adamant
Special ability: Super Luck
Notes: This pokemon was caught by Liam after following him for two weeks.  He's still not sure why it followed him, but it accepted being caught by him after a very short fight, almost as if it wanted to follow him.  He suspects it followed him due to a smell of death on him, hence why he gave her a bastardized version of the name of the Irish Goddess of death.

Pokémon #3
Gliscor [Male]
Nature: Impish
Special ability: Sand Veil
Notes: A rare pokemon he encountered while travelling between towns in Blanca.  It was the only one he had ever seen like it, and struck his fancy.  Tracking it back to its roost, he fought and managed to capture it.  It's not particularly keen on him, claiming he smells, but accepts him as its master

Likes: Wandering, his pokemon, excitement, handsome men, lovely women

Dislikes: People trying to kill him, people trying to arrest him, lockjaw

Further notes: Liam smokes fairly often.

He also, due to years of being in war and violence, has something of a smell of death on him.  This is undetectable to humans, but pokemon seem to dislike being near him for this reason.  His Murkrow and Grimer are exceptions, as Murkrow seek out the dead to eat, and Grimer are . . . well, smells do not trouble them.

His weapon is a winchester repeater with a primitive telescopic sight on it, though he misses his much more powerful and accurate Sharps rifle, lacking the money at most times to afford one.  Really, he'd settle for even just a carbine!

As a back-up weapon, he keeps a small pistol and a spike bayonet which doubles as a vicious knife when the need arises.  He is only an average shot with the pistol, however.

RP sample:
Sitting on the edge of a rock, Liam rolled a cigarette and lit it.  Looking around, he could see a city in the distance.  Or maybe it was a mirage, really.  Either way, he wasn't concerned.  At least a town would be interesting, right?
A purple puddle of goo next to him gurgled.  “Griiiiiiime.”
“Nah, that's not Cobalt.  I think it's a place called Tin City.”  Silence came from the pokemon as it stared at him.
He sighed, but was amused.  “Nee dat is niet Cobalt. Ik denk dat die plaats Tin City heet.”
The Grimer gurgled happily and squished back down into a featureless puddle.
He glanced back at the city, shimmering in the heat.  Well, it'd be a place to stop.  Maybe he'd find someone interesting to talk to while he was there.



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