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La Blanca App - Beatriz Moira Leclair

Player Information
Online pseudonym: Dani
RP history: Years of MUCK/MUSHing (not to be confused with MUDing) experience, ex-player/staff of The Network, admin of Tuscert.
Time zone: CST
Best times to reach you: I can be on most of the time, but generally nights are the best for me. (8PM and later.)
E-mail: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com
Messenger handles:
- AIM: Sky Forme Sheimi
- MSN: the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com
- Y!IM: N/A
- Other (Please include service.):

Character Information
Full name: Beatriz Moira Leclair

Name preferred: Moira, Mo

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthdate: October 29th

Birthplace: Galveston, Texas

Race: American, with French and Spanish influences

Physical appearance:

Beatriz stands at about 5’4”, and has a compact build.

Her skin is fair, which contrasts nicely to her dark brown, hair that ends just past her chin, and dark brown eyes. Beatriz sometimes wears a pair of welding goggles atop her head or strung around her neck. Both ears have multiple piercings in them (three in each).

She’s dressed in an off-white, button down work shirt with the sleeves almost always rolled up. A brown waist cincher pushes up her cleavage some, and though she has curves, she doesn’t pay much attention to them, nor does she care if anyone else does, either (unless she’s trying to seal a deal with them). Brown pants, which are rolled up to the mid calf by buckles have extra pockets sewn into them (likely for keeping track of small parts.) At each side of her hip, she has what look like modified pistol holsters, though they’re simply for holding her tools. Black leather boots cover any bare leg.

Fingerless, worn (but loved) leather gloves protect her hands. A brown jacket is worn sometimes, but at other times she simply has it tied over her hips. Depending on what she's up to, she sometimes wears a brown newsboy cap as well.


Though Beatriz was lightly attempted to be brought up as a lady, her attitude is far from lady-like. She’s known to be blunt and always speak her mind, even if it may not be polite. Her dealings with various people and pirates have taught her tact however, and the only time she would surely show discretion over such bluntness and free speech would be if she were in a trying or potentially bad situation – she knows when to keep her mouth shut, though she might give the impression of the contrary.

Her attitude is laid-back and relaxed – she doesn’t seem to worry about much, or really be concerned about too many things. Life among pirates had taught her to be aware, and while she is watchful and observant of her surroundings, she’s far from paranoid. Beatriz really just takes things as they come, and doesn’t see the point of worrying over something – she doesn’t plan ahead much, and just takes one day at a time.

Beatriz is sarcastic – she enjoys poking fun at life this way, finding it much easier to laugh about things, even in the worst situations. She always enjoys a good joke, and even likes the idea of playing pranks, though she hates to be on the receiving end.

Having not had many long-lasting friendships or (any sort of long-term relationship at all), Beatriz is seemingly unwilling to let people get close to her, nor does she get attached to much (with the exception of her pokemon.) This isn’t to say she won’t talk – she’s actually quite chatty with people, but she doesn’t seem keen on sharing her personal details with much of anyone, and this is from a deep-seated root of being abandoned again. Her tendency to move along as she pleases without much warning also ties into this.

Though she has no seeming interest in a romantic relationship, Beatriz enjoys flirting - mostly because it's fun, though, and not because she really means anything by it.

She has a tendency to lie (and is a convincing liar, on top of that), or at least exaggerate things on a certain scale, especially when it comes to gaining attention to impress or getting out of a jam. Whether she means to or not, once she gets started on a believable story, she continues to talk it up, but usually never too short of making it realistically likely.

Incredibly superstitious, Beatriz is almost neurotic about things that might bring her bad luck. She carries a few good luck items on her person to help protect herself, but on days such as Friday the 13th, she refuses to do almost anything that might result in something disastrous.

Beatriz has a genuine love for all things mechanical despite her habit and trade of removing parts of them for her own gain. Though she is able to repair smaller things, her true passion and fascination lies in larger ships and their inner workings, and takes great pride in that she can repair them with ease. Despite this, however, she has no interest in trying to create her own devices – at most, she might be able to make some improvements here or there, but she isn’t one to risk damaging a piece of work in order to try to make it better or more efficient.

Perhaps it came from her need to steal in order to survive, but Beatriz is a bit of a klepto – sometimes she just steals things without any motive. In particular, she’s attracted to shiny objects, which can be anything ranging from cogs of a clock to expensive jewelry.


Beatriz was born to a middle class family of import/exporters. Her father, a French-American business man, was often busy and did not have much time to spend with his daughter. Her mother, a Spanish gentlewoman, was more interested in maintaining her social status rather than devoting time to raise their progeny.

Her parents were (at first) somewhat concerned about their daughter’s education, since eventually they knew she would be reflecting on the family. Whereas Beatriz did learn how to read, write, and do sums, the girl had little interest in most educational studies apart from mathematics, and would often find ways out of going to school, whether it be by feigning illness or playing in the slums, harbours and alleys during school hours with lower-class children.

Despite not taking interest in much in the classroom, the arts or much anything else, Beatriz did take interest in one thing - how things worked. A favourite past-time was for her to observe the inner-workings of nearly anything – from a pocket-watch to a steamboat. Though she knew her parents did not pay her much mind, she also knew they would not approve of her new found interest, nor would she easily be able to find anyone to take on a girl as an apprentice.

Watching and waiting along the busy strip of the city’s harbour, Beatriz tried to befriend or talk to nearly any ship mechanic that stepped foot on land, though most of them simply brushed her off. It was after a frustrating many months that she was finally able to persuade one (with a generous amount of stolen jewelry from her mother) – a retiring man by the name of Sampson Johnson, to apprentice her.

Things were difficult at first – Sampson, despite having been paid a decent sum, was untrusting of the girl, and would not share his tools or much else with her – this in turn led to Beatriz continuing to steal more things from her parents in order to buy her own tools, continue paying for her lessons and also buy whatever else she might need. Her parents of course, didn’t seem to notice much had changed (apart from a few missing things here and there).

Eventually after some odd weeks, the man gained a soft-spot for the strange girl and warmed up to her in a way that her father never had. Beatriz in turn, began to view him as a friend and father figure. Over the period of three years, he taught Beatriz every thing he knew about mechanics, along with airship and steamboat maintenance - Beatriz absorbed what she had been taught quite well, and now found herself feeling fulfilled with knowledge for her passion.

Her somewhat stable environment and routine was soon to change, though. With war seeming eminent, Sampson left rather abruptly to serve in the Confederacy, which shattered Beatriz’s heart. After mourning for his absence for a few weeks, the young mechanic picked herself back up, feeling only bitter that the only person of real importance in her life had abandoned her.

With her sixteenth birthday approaching, Beatriz’s parents finally started to pay attention to their daughter, who was starting to show potential in the way of marriage prospects (or at least they thought.) Though Beatriz may have dressed how they wanted her to and acted somewhat respectfully in their presence, the idea was of course, ridiculous to her. Her mother suddenly started to spend a bit less time attending social gatherings and traveling – instead, she seemed more interested in refining her daughter’s qualities, which made it more difficult for Beatriz to get out of the house and search for any kind of work.

There was talk of an arranged marriage, and with that notion in mind Beatriz decided she had to find some way out, and quick. Beatriz was able to make arrangements on a cargo airship going further west, and on one night she just up and left, only taking her knapsack and a good sum of her parent’s money with her.

Without one backward glance, she reveled in her freedom, but such a celebration was short-lived. The next morning upon the ship, she awoke to find her belongings pillaged and without a penny to her name. Unsure of what to do, she got off at the next stop – a traverse town of sorts.

Spending the first few days, bitter, cold and starving, Beatriz found herself nearly pushed to the limit. Being that she had no other choice, she resorted to small-time thievery at first to attempt to get herself back on her feet, but as things did not improve she simply kept at it, becoming more of a thief than she’d ever intended to be – it was to a point where it became almost natural for her to steal.

The market the city had proved to be extremely useful, both for stealing and also for using her trade. Setting up a small shop in the market, she toted herself as a ‘fixer of things,’ in which the townsfolk could bring buy their broken appliances, watches, etc, and she would fix it for a very nominal fee. Whereas she could actually fix these things easily, Beatriz found herself tempted by a strange idea – a fusion of her recent way of life and her passion. With this in mind, she began to quietly dismantle or replace working parts found in the things people brought to her to repair with the intention of selling them on the black market for a profit.

Though she kept up with this trade for a little while, eventually she found it wasn’t going to be steady work for long – there were complaints about her repair jobs and with the law on its way over to pay her a visit, Beatriz quickly decided she’d have to be on the move again, and soon.

Having made a fair sum from her dealings in the markets, she was able to buy herself another set of tools in hopes of being able to find work aboard an airship. Pirates seemed to frequent the black market, and Beatriz knew this. Meandering through the market and advertising her skills (and also her meager requirements for wages), she found herself aboard Black Sun, a pirate airship by night fall.

Beatriz seemed to integrate well with the rowdy and chaotic life of pirates, though she wasn’t one herself. Simply tagging along, she was treated as one of the crew for the most part, though her duty was not to pillage and plunder, but maintain the life of the ship.

Life seemed enjoyable for awhile, but Beatriz found herself in trouble once again. The Black Sun’s captain changed hands over night after a silent mutiny became violently vocal. Finding that her loyalties did not lie with the majority of the crew, once the ship was on the ground again, she dismantled much of the Black Sun’s engine and went unnoticed as she did not board the ship again. Watching from the ground, Beatriz saw the ship go down only a few minutes after take off. Unfortunately, she wasn’t far enough away to avoid being scathed by debris from the explosion.

When the sun rose the next day, Beatriz was prepared to walk to the nearest town in hopes of being able to board another ship, but found she didn’t have to. A rival ship for the Black Sun had landed over night with the intentions of pillaging their deceased enemy’s remains. Presenting herself to the crew and fabricating a believable story, she was allowed on the ship.

Life continued this way for a few months, and Beatriz traveled around, working as a mechanic. Instead of staying with one crew for a long period of time however, whenever she saw the right opportunity arise, she’d be up and gone from one ship and boarding another, usually offering the new captain a likely story and a bribe of a small amount of spoils from the last ship she was on – this was mostly to pledge her loyalty, though Beatriz really had none.

As her travels took her further west, Beatriz found herself listening to construed Yuni myths and legends told by crew members. The stories were wild and something to laugh at in one angle, but the potential of there being any truth to it caught her interest. There was also the appeal of the small cities in the southwest, which might provide interesting finds. Without much thought, Beatriz up and left her airship when it landed again, and without leaving much of a trace, she found herself at the outskirts of Tin City.

Just coming into town, she has every intention of setting up some kind of shop or service at some point, but for now she’s simply scoping out the town and surrounding areas.

Current occupation/related skills: Airship/general mechanic and thief, con artist, lock picking.

Moira can speak some French and Spanish, though she cannot read or write it.

Family: Father and Mother – presumably still in Galveston, but she could care less.

Sexual preference and status: Bisexual, but could probably care less.

Pokémon team: Furret and Quilava

Likes: Airships and any kind of machinery (especially transportation), fixing things, shiny objects, spicy/flavourful food, lock-picking, wine, French cheeses, pirates, indefinite borrowing, black markets, swindling, flying, making up stories, traveling

Dislikes: Bland cooking, law enforcement, getting caught, long-term relationships, being out-smarted, her parents, un-sweetened tea, bad luck, Friday the 13th

Pokémon #1 – “Lola”
Pokémon species: Furret
Nature: Impish
Special ability: Keen-eye
Notes: Starter pokemon as a Sentret, given to her by her parents – given to her by her parents. Lola shares a typical Furret trait with her master in that she likes to steal and hoard shiny objects – her swift movements and quick paws have been helpful on more than just the occasion for mechanical work.

Pokémon #2 – “Remi”
Pokémon species: Quilava
Nature: Bold
Special ability: Blaze
Notes: Won in a bet aboard the Black Sun. Remi is much like a lap-dog for Beatriz, but is also useful due (due to his fire abilities) in some of her work.

Further notes:

Beatriz has one obvious scar on her left arm (long healed) from an airship explosion.

RP sample:

(Hurhur, you get recycled pose.)


Looking up to the sky, she squinted briefly and opened her black parasol. Though she’d been wandering about the desert for a few seasons with the Yuni people, the annoyance of the burning sun was just something that she hadn’t gotten used to yet. “Oh well. No sense in lookin’ like a fried tomato on the first day back in modern civilization.”

[Do you think what they say about this place is true?] Darcy asked while standing parallel to her master’s heels.

“Dunno, Darcy. All I can say is I hope they’re ready for us – I imagine they’ll be in for a bit of a shock, especially if they’re just expectin’ an gentle flower from the east.”

Smirking, she pushed back the long hair that framed her face and walked forward.



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