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Mary Jenny

(Because we really kinda need a sheriff for the current plot that's been sitting around doing nothing for awhile now. And promises for Charles and Artemis to come later.)

Player Information
Online pseudonym: Jax Malcolm
RP history: I've been roleplaying since about 2000 on various boards, many of which are defunct by now. Additionally, I've run several of my own RPGs, the most major of which include After Dark, The Network, and of course, The Legend of La Blanca.
Time zone: EST
Best times to reach you: Because of a hectic real-life schedule, usually most days (except Mondays, Fridays, and every other Saturday) from 7 PM to 1 AM. This schedule is susceptible to change by semester. However, I'm always available via e-mail or LJ, day or night.
E-mail: atomic.dust@gmail.com
Messenger handles:
- AIM: Spica Vision

Character Information
Full name: Mary Jenny
Name preferred: Jenny. She doesn't care for her first name.
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: April 5
Birthplace: Boston, New England
Race: White settler/born and raised American
Physical appearance: Jenny stands as a fairly tall young woman – taller than normal, at least, and her body is muscular and tanned, evident of hard work. Her coarse, blue hair is pulled back into a spiky ponytail, usually worn beneath a cowboy hat. Coffee-colored eyes are set into a thin, ruddy face that rarely bears makeup. All over her body are various scars, some of which she actually keeps visible as war trophies.

Often, Jenny likes to appear more manly than she should be. Her chest is often bound with bandages under a blue, cotton, button-down shirt. A brown, Tauros hide vest trimmed with fringes fits over this shirt, hiding a set of brown suspenders that hold up the beige slacks that are tucked into her black, knee-high boots. On her feet are a pair of spurs, and at her hip, a holster with a pistol.
Personality: First thing one might notice about Jenny is the fact that she's blunt and honest. If she doesn't like you, she'll make it known. If she has an opinion, she'll make it known. Jenny isn't one to lie, and when she does, she's terrible at it beyond all belief. She's not particularly gullible, however, and she's sensible and intelligent on a certain level. It's just that while she can spot a lie, she can't spin one if she tried.

Second thing one might notice is the fact that she really fancies herself to be one of the guys. She's a tomboy at heart and most comfortable not only addressing herself as a man and dressing herself as a man but also doing a man's work (meaning, hard labor outside). Her mannerisms tend to be manly, which may make her come off as crude.

However, Jenny is by no means unfriendly. She simply doesn't have much of a mind for manners or etiquette. Really, she loves company and making friends, and she's known to talk to complete and total strangers with a friendly tone. Additionally, she's incredibly loyal and is willing to start a fight for the sake of a friend's honor.

More than anything else, Jenny has a strong sense of justice. She knows right from wrong, and she takes it upon herself to uphold a town's laws. Jenny is the kind of woman who will shoot anyone who attempts to start trouble and maybe ask questions later. In that sense, she's impulsive, but she's always out to protect the innocents.
Backstory: The great-granddaughter of a Revolutionary War soldier, the granddaughter of a New England farmer, and the daughter of a newspaper man, Jenny grew up with the concepts of justice and freedom ingrained into her. As a child, she lived in a small house in Boston, a city that quickly grew into a bustling center of thought and conflict. Her father worked in a printing office not far away, but he was often so caught up in his work that her mother was left to raise her and her four older sisters.

For a long while, she knew her father did exciting work (given how he'd often talk about the articles and pamphlets he was publishing with great fervor when he got home each night), but she didn't think much of any of this. Instead, she concentrated both on her schoolwork and the nagging feeling that she didn't want to become a homemaker like her mother. Her dream at that point, after visiting her grandfather every Christmas, was simply to set up her own farm and run it by herself (or with her husband), an idea that was, naturally, completely rejected by her mother (but secretly supported by her father).

Then, when she was sixteen, something else happened.

By then, tension in the States over the subject of slavery was high. Even in a place like Boston, voicing any opinion whatsoever was dangerous. Despite knowing that, her father often printed anti-slavery material with the opinion that slavery was a fundamental contradiction to the American way. Pro-slavery groups quickly learned of his press, and early one morning, he was found beaten to death in an alley.

The entire Jenny family was shaken with shock. For a year, Jenny's mother mourned. Her grandfather, though the father of her mother's late husband, offered a place at his farm. For several months, Jenny's mother tried to refuse, but she was by no means wealthy or receiving a considerable amount of money from her late husband's will to support herself. Soon, to avoid debtors and the pro-slavery groups, she was forced to uproot the family and move. Hence, for the last few years of her childhood, Jenny lived on her grandfather's farm, where her mother took up sewing as an occupation and where Jenny learned how to work like a man.

When the Civil War broke out, Jenny wanted to fight for the Union simply because she strongly felt the Confederacy was distinctly un-American and went against everything her father believed in. However, her mother refused to let her go, terrified of the idea that she'd lose another person she cared for. Her grandfather, in front of her mother, claimed to agree, but behind a closed door one night, he gave her a man's clothing and sent her out to fight. His reasoning was simple. Someone had to fight for what his father had tried to create.

She managed to reach a city by morning, where she took up the identity of Martin Joseph, a young farm boy from central New York who eventually rose to become a skilled sharpshooter. By some miracle, she managed to avoid being both detected or seriously injured, sustaining only injuries that left various scars all across her body and a piece of shrapnel lodged in her left arm. To this day, she often shares her war stories of the company she served with, recalling several of her company mates fondly.

After the war, she considered returning to the farm in New York and in fact spent a week at home (enduring the frenzy of her mother in the meantime), but ultimately, she decided to head west, into the frontier to chase after the silver claims she'd heard so much about. It took her almost two years to get to the Blanca Region, traveling first by herself and then on a train. However, once she got there, she learned many of the claims had already been staked, so instead, she wound up doing odd jobs and hunting small animals on the badlands.

Eventually, after Cobalt City's deputy was shot and killed, want ads for new law enforcement popped up in the capital. Jenny was among various male applicants, but unlike for the war, she chose to apply as a woman. Although the city was skeptical, they still accepted her on the force due to desperation. At first, she received only small jobs, but slowly but surely, she proved her worth by apprehending more criminals than her male colleagues. Soon, she rose to the position of deputy and gained favor with the sheriff himself. (It's rumored that she had a relationship with said sheriff, but all of that is merely hearsay.)

News travels fast in Blanca, and when Tin City's sheriff had disappeared, Cobalt City knew about it. The sheriff, knowing Jenny could succeed watching over her own city and fully aware of the tension between her and the men of the city, made arrangements with Tin City's mayor to have Jenny transferred to the city. Not long later, she found herself trying to clean up an old town.
Current occupation/related skills: Jenny has been sent from Cobalt City to serve as Tin City's new sheriff. For that reason, she's trained in investigation and is well-versed in the city laws. Additionally, thanks to the war, she's become a sharpshooter, and her time on the farm has conditioned her for manual outdoor labor.
Family: Her grandfather is still alive and still maintaining his farm just south of New England. Her father is deceased, and her mother has taken up residence on his father's farm. All four sisters are currently alive, and strangely, all four are either Civil War veterans and/or involved with law enforcement back east.
Sexual preference and status: Jenny is a lesbian, not looking.
Pokémon team:

Pokémon #1
Rapidash [Starlight, F]
Nature: Gentle
Special ability: Flash Fire
Notes: A fairly shy Rapidash, she was given to Jenny by her grandfather before she left for the west.

Pokémon #2
Growlithe [Hunter, M]
Nature: Bold
Special ability: Intimidate
Notes: Given to Jenny by her grandfather before she left for the west.

Pokémon #3
Pidgeot [Eagle, M]
Nature: Adamant
Special ability: Keen Eye
Notes: One of her father's Pokémon, given to her after his death.

Pokémon #1
Cacnea [Spiky, M]
Nature: Quirky
Special ability: Sand Veil
Notes: Caught just after she left Cobalt City for her post in Tin.

Likes: Steak, work, riding around on Starlight, training Pokémon, being outside, honest people, drinking, (ironically) fighting or at least ending fights, her father's writing, anything she deems American.
Dislikes: Starting fights, people who patronize her, shady people, sitting around doing nothing.
Further notes:
- One of her most prized possessions is a book of papers and pamphlets her father wrote. She carries this with her wherever she settles.
RP sample:
(Taken from a recent board-based RPG.)

The ship clipped along smoothly across the ocean waves. It never really occurred to Izzy how big the ocean was, even when she sat on the docks and beach fringing her hometown of Vermilion. It was a fact she simply knew before then. That is to say, she knew the ocean was big, but she didn't realize what "big" actually meant. Leaning over the railing of the S.S. Anne, she stared at the green waves, realized that was a bad idea (because she didn't realize she got seasick before then either) and opted for staring at the horizon with a deep breath to settle her stomach. Her glasses slipped down her nose and threatened to take a plunge into the water, so a tawny hand rose to push them back in their place.

It had been several days since she'd left the familiar port she called home. Not that she particularly regretted it, of course. In actuality, she was heavily excited. Not only was she going far away from Kanto, but she was also going to a place neither her brothers nor her best friend had been. It was a new place, untouched by their eyes, so only she could tell the stories of whatever happened there. A small smile crossed her face. Ethan, cooped up in that laboratory in Johto, would be entirely too jealous.

Still, she would miss her family, although she was growing to be too old to stay in the house anyway. She'd miss her mother's drawling, accented speech flowing from the kitchen with the smells of spicy food. She'd miss her father and his Pikachu sitting back at the end of the day with his stories of the latest trainer to leave in a hurry from the Vermilion Gym. She'd miss the familiar sights and sounds of Vermilion Harbor, of the Diglett-filled cave just to the east, of everything that was Kanto. Yet, when her brother held out the envelope in one large hand, of course she wouldn't refuse. The town was far too small for her by then, and the world with its Pokémon and its adventures just waiting for her was big.

Turning, she walked along the rail to the front of the ship. Her boots clopped on the deck like a Ponyta's hooves; the rhythm seemed like music to her. A hand ran along the metal railing, feeling the cool, painted surface and the slick coat of water covering it. She pursed her lips and tilted her head skyward to feel the sun on her face. Several people passed and gave her odd glances, but she didn't notice – or, if she did, didn't care. She was already enjoying herself. This was the furthest she'd been from home, after all.

Only when she got to the front of the ship did she tilt her head back down and stare at the horizon. There, a line of black appeared.

Just as soon as she realized what it meant, the PA system blared to life.

"Approaching Gem Island. We'll be docking in an hour."

It ran through a series of instructions on what to do when the ship docked, none of which Izzy paid particular attention to (although she knew she probably should have, given that it was her first time on a real liner). Instead, she made her way across the dock and back towards her cabin, pushing through crowds as she went.

Above her, the PA system finished with a cheerful note.

"Thank you for traveling Anne Liners. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Necro Region."



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Feb. 14th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Nice app! I look forward to seeing Jenny around. XD

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